What is a private session?

A private session is a 1-1 with yourself and a highly qualified instructor. A 1-2 is also available for yourself and a friend/partner with an instructor. These sessions are private and bespoke to your goals and needs. If you booked onto the Diamond intro offer then book your private session with the link below. 

Why is a private session good for me?

A private session is great value as the instructor is tailoring the session to you. You also get to work on all of the equipment including the Cadillac, Reformer, Chair and Ladder barrel. All of this equipment has rehabilitation at its core so if you’re struggling with a bad back, tight shoulders and neck, posture etc then this is the session for you. The instructor will be concentrating fully on you and so you will get great feedback and adjustments throughout your session. We will constantly track your progress to ensure that you’re progressing in the best possible way. We also have a great team of Osteopaths and Physiotherapists that can come into the studio when required. 

What is my instructor like?

The instructor will be comprehensively qualified which is the most comprehensive style of training that you can do. This means the instructor can teach on all of the apparatus and has spent at least two years doing training and then being an apprentice. Our instructors have been taught to work with the body that is in front of them and so will work to your needs so you get the most out of your session.


Introductory Offer

2 x 1-1 session for £100 (to be used in 1 month)

Single Session

1-1 session for £80 

Five Sessions

5 x 1-1 sessions for £350 *£70 a session (to be used in 2 months)

Ten Sessions

10 x 1-1 sessions for £680 *£68 a session (to be used in 3 months)


As a mum of 3 I came to Anna seeking help with my post natal recovery especially my stomach. I quickly fell in love with her reformer exercises & her teaching style. She is forever adding in new moves & stretching my abilities, I have seen a transformative difference to my torso plus my flexibility as a result. Anna works me hard so that I feel it but with a smile on my face each time the 1-1 sessions are 100% worth it.’ – Anna Revell

Anna is a knowledgeable, caring and fun pilates teacher. Her sessions are tailored to your overall goals but also to how you’re feeling week to week. Her sessions are always unique and interesting. I came to Anna having never done pilates before, and was struggling with poor posture and weak core muscles after childbirth. She’s challenging but fair and inspires me to keep pushing my limits. I’ve been seeing Anna weekly now for 1-1s for many months and I highly recommend Anna and her classes. – Naomi Foster 

I love my 1-1 sessions with Anna. I’ve been suffering from ongoing lower back and knee problems from work, but since I’ve been seeing Anna my pain is gone and I have my mobility back. Definitely recommend! – James Jennings

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Anna as my 1:1 Pilates teacher, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the progress I’ve made under her guidance and how much stronger my body is feeling. Her deep understanding of injury rehab sets her apart from other teachers, as she tailored each session to my specific needs (knee injury, hip instability/weak glutes) ensuring a safe and effective workout every time. What truly stands out is Anna’s unwavering dedication and hard work. She goes above and beyond for her 1:1 clients, constantly researching and adapting her approach to provide the best possible guidance. Her commitment to my progress was evident in every session, and I am grateful for the time and effort she invests in her clients. f you’re looking for a skilled, caring, and dedicated Pilates teacher who excels in injury rehab, look no further than Anna. She is a true gem in her field, and I feel fortunate to have her as my guide on this fitness journey. – Anya Francesca

I couldn’t believe my luck when I found Anna in my second trimester pregnant – she has helped keep up my movement and strength all the way through to the end of my pregnancy. Anna’s classes are always varied so no chance of getting bored, she puts so much effort into finding new, challenging moves to keep our classes great from start to finish! I couldn’t recommend Anna more while pregnant and I’m looking forward to starting postnatal classes with her too!’ – Danielle Matthews