About Avalon Pilates

Avalon Pilates is named after Avalon beach in Sydney, where the founder Anna lived and fell in love with Pilates. Avalon Pilates is a slice of Australian Reformer Pilates and serenity brought to London. Our studio has something for everyone, from beginner and dynamic classes to rehabilitation sessions and more. Get in touch today! 

Our Approach

The main intention behind Avalon is to create a community first space. Whether you’re a Pilates enthusiast or a beginner, it’s a space for everyone to get their Pilates fix. 

We are a contemporary Pilates studio and so it’s Pilates based on Joseph Pilates’ original method but we’ve added more exercises and variations allowing for injury rehabilitation and creativity by the instructor. Our Pilates teachers are experts in their field and are there to educate and guide you to move your body to it’s best ability. The teachers that teach our private sessions are comprehensively trained across all of the equipment, which takes years to complete. Our founder Anna completed her comprehensive rehabilitation Pilates training with Polestar Pilates which has earned the reputation worldwide as the most scientifically sound Pilates curriculum. The Polestar approach is holistic and trains you to work with the body in front of you as well as assessing the whole person; physically, psychologically and emotionally. Rest assured that you will be in safe hands if you book in for a private session. 

With our group classes, expect a fun, creative and dynamic flow, similar to what you would find in Australian Pilates studios. Our teachers will always give options and modifications/progressions so you can workout comfortably at your level. There will be countless opportunities to push yourself and to try something new! Do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions via email or telephone. 



What is a private session? 

A private session is a 1-1 with yourself and a highly qualified instructor. A 1-2 is also available for yourself and a friend/partner with an instructor. These sessions are private and bespoke to your goals and needs. A private session is 55 minutes long. 


What does a group session entail?

Our group sessions can have up to 9 people within the studio. The group sessions will be on either the Reformer or the mat & Tower combo. The machines will be set up for you already depending on the class. A group class is 50 minutes long.  


How do I book a class? 

You book a class by signing up here – you need to fill out some details and then you will have an account and can book directly through the website. 


How do I change my class booking?  

Please login to your profile on our website and you can change your class. Please note that we have a 24 hour cancellation policy and so please change your booking before the 24 hour window otherwise you will get charged the full class price. 


Is there a referral program? 

Yes! If you refer a friend and they buy the four class or they sign up to a monthly membership then you get a free class! We’re afraid that this doesn’t count for the intro offers.


What should I wear? 

We recommend wearing some comfortable sportswear that is comfortable to move in and some grippy Pilates socks. It’s important to wear socks as we have a wooden floor and so barefoot is not recommended. You can buy some socks in the studio if needed. 


What if I’m late? 

We operate a 5 minute late policy. Any later it causes too much disruption for the class and you will not be allowed to attend but will still be charged the class price. Please try and ensure that you arrive on time. 


Which class is right for me? 

The fundamental classes are for beginners and seniors and is good for sticking to the basics. The Pilates Stretch and Chill class is more about mobility and stretching. The other classes – Dynamic Reformer Pilates, Reformer Jumpboard, Tower Burn and Reformer Intense are for those who have done at least three Fundamental classes and like a challenge. Prenatal Reformer Pilates is for all trimesters. Mums and Bubs Pilates is for mums with their babies (babies need to be contained to avoid crawling around the equipment). Any more questions please email or call us on 07873167176.


Cancellation policy? 

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior the time of the scheduled class to avoid being charged the full class price. If you cancel during this time period or do not turn up to class you will be only charged the class price that you booked. 


Can I freeze my membership?

Yes we offer the opportunity to freeze the monthly membership and 20 x class packs if you are ill or have to leave the country for an extended period of time. We cannot do this for any intro offers or 4, 8 & 12 class packs though. 


What is a waitlist and when can I get into a class?

A waitlist is there if the class is full. If this is the case then you can add yourself onto the waitlist as people often cancel so spots tend to open up. If a spot comes available and you are at the top of the waitlist then you will automatically join the class. You need to bear this in mind when adding yourself to a waitlist. 


What class shall I join if a beginner? 

All classes are open to everyone, however, we encourage beginners to try out our Fundamental classes first. This will teach you the basics of the machine so you feel more confident going into the other classes.If you have an ailment or need more support then we recommend booking into a 1-1 session in the private space.


Do I need to bring anything?

All you need are your Pilates socks and your water bottle.


What facilities are there at the studio? 

We have two toilets which you can change in if needed. We have tap water available to fill up water bottles as well as services for tea and coffee. We DO NOT have showers available – apologies for the inconvenience.


What classes can I attend if I’m pregnant?

In your first trimester all classes are available to you apart from the Intense Reformer Pilates class, but we recommend the easier classes like Fundamentals. Please tell the teacher at the start of the class so they can modify for you. Please note not all teachers are prenatally trained but they will give you alternate options in the class. From second trimester onwards please do not attend any of the Dynamic, Tower Burn, Intense and Jumpboard classes. Instead you can come to our Fundamentals, Prenatal and Chill & Stretch classes right up to your due date. For comfort reasons we recommend third trimester ladies coming to prenatal only classes. Our Prenatal and Fundamental classes will still give you that Pilates burn! Don’t forget that our 1-1 space is also available for a bespoke prenatal session and this is especially required for any specific pregnancy health conditions. 


What can I do if post-partum?

Please only come to class from six weeks after your birth. Before you come into the studio please make sure you have done a Mummy MOT. If cleared, we recommend you coming to our Mums & Bubs classes, 1-1s or join the Fundamentals classes. From there, if feeling good you can join the harder classes, but please tell the teacher you are recently post-partum. If you have had any post-birth complications, open wounds from C-section and not able to move safely (ie on/off the Reformer carriage) then please do not come to class. 


What’s the deal with hands on adjustments?

We want to make sure that your form is correct and so all of our instructors are encouraged to give hands on adjustments throughout your class or session. If you DO NOT like hands on adjustments then please do notify us ahead of the class through a quiet word with the teacher or an email.